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Hage Practice Areas Retail Theft & Shoplifting Retail Theft Price Switching Traffic Violations Failure to Report CDL Violations Reckless Driving Permitting an Unauthorized Person to Drive Disobeying a Stop Sign Texting While Driving Secretary of State Hearings Graduated Driver's License Construction Zone Speeding Revoked/Suspended License Reckless Driving Defense Attorney Seat Belt Violations What Parents Should Know Aggravated Speeding DUI DUI Defense DUI Field Sobriety Tests DUI Drugs Breathalyzer Test DUI Penalties DUI with Injury/Accident DUI Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury DUI Resulting in Death Repeat and Felony DUI Refusing a Breath, Blood, Alcohol Test Commercial Driver's License DUI DUI Laws Expungements Misdemeanor Expungements Sealing Your Record Felony Expungements How To Clear My Record Expungement and Seal Eligibility Assault & Battery Criminal Assault Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Defense Domestic Battery Aggravated Assault Violent Crimes Manslaughter Reckless Homicide Violations of Orders of Protection Drug Crimes Drug Court Operating a Meth Lab Drug Paraphernalia Charges Manufacture and Delivery of Drugs Cocaine Crack Cocaine Heroin Marijuana Drug Possession Drug Possession with Intent to Deliver Drug Trafficking Possession of Ecstasy First-Offender Probation Prescription Drugs Methamphetamine Theft Credit Card Fraud Check Fraud Employee Theft Healthcare Fraud TASC Probation Juvenile Justice Fake Identification Defense Property Crimes Burglary Home Improvement Contractor Fraud Criminal Sexual Offenses Counselor and Coach Allegations Criminal Sexual Abuse Indecent Liberties with a Child Teacher/Student Defense Date Rape Prostitution Criminal Sexual Assault Online Solicitation/Child Pornography Internet Sex Crimes Illinois Failure to Register Sex Offender Public Indecency Weapons Charges Weapons Charges Defense Unlawful Use of Weapons Disorderly Conduct Obstruction of a Peace Officer Resisting the Police Hear From Our Clients Why Hire Kathryn L. 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Your Rights Sentencing Driving Records Courthouses Skokie Courthouse Rolling Meadows Courthouse Maywood Courthouse Bridgeview Courthouse DuPage County Courthouse Kane County Courthouse Kane County Courthouse - 16th Judicial Court Kane County Courthouse - Randall Road Will County Courthouse Contact Us Oak Brook Map & Directions Text Message For Assistance Illinois Criminal Law Blog Over 240 Arrested in Major Health Care Fraud Sweep New Illinois Law Would Grant Amnesty to Underage Drinkers Seeking Medical Help Speeding in Illinois Road Construction Zones Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Municipal Jurisdiction over College Sex Crimes Several New Criminal Laws Passed by Illinois Legislature Illinois Bans Solitary Confinement for Juveniles New Bill Would Extend Statute of Limitations for Certain Sexual Offenses FBI Admits to Decades of Flawed Testimony Chicago PD under Fire for Stop and Frisk Practices Cook County State Attorney Announces Changes to Drug Possession Prosecutions Illinois Lawmakers Consider Two DUI Bills Illinois Bill Would Limit Use of License Plate Readers Traffic Violations can Drastically Increase Insurance Premiums Concealed Carry Law: What to Disclose during a Traffic Stop Self Checkouts and Price Switching Traffic Safety: Cell Phone Use and Texting While Driving Driving under the Influence: Applies to More than Just Alcohol Underage Drinking: New Alcohol Legislation in Illinois Old Offenses, New Opportunities: Understanding Your Rights for Expungement When Drugs Become "Legal": Understanding Your Rights Meth Labs Operations in Illinois Concealed Carry Weapons in Illinois: Understanding Your Rights Prosecution for Cyberbullying Comes to Illinois in 2015 Weapons, Threats, and Violence: Illinois Weapons Defense The Scoop on Criminal Juries in Illinois Illinois "Ban the Box" Law Approved New Illinois Law Bans Police Departments From Setting Ticket Quotas Illinois Increases Speed Limit to 70 mph Oak Brook Criminal Lawyers Serve as Advocates for New Illinois Sealing Law Illinois Could Ease DUI Penalties for Repeat Offenders Reasonable Mistakes, Unreasonable Consequences First Offenders in Illinois: A Possibility of Forgiveness Internet Sex Crimes: Predators and Punishments Credit Card Fraud in Illinois Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting Laws in Illinois Property and Theft Crimes in Illinois During the Holidays Prescription Drug Laws in Illinois Understanding Illinois Weapons Offenses Domestic Violence Allegations in Illinois: What You Need to Know Driving Under the Influence Law Challenged in Illinois Illinois Voters Turn Out to Support Crime Victims’ Rights Juvenile Justice Rights in Illinois People Still Write (Bad) Checks? Check Fraud in Illinois Expunging Versus Sealing Criminal Records in Illinois Drug Paraphernalia in Illinois Juvenile Sentencing: An Illinois Perspective Shoplifting Allegations in Illinois Illinois Driver’s Licenses: What You Need to Know Sexual Abuse in the Schoolhouse Illinois Sentencing Guidelines Guns & Drugs: A Trade-Off in Illinois? Illinois Drug Courts: A Second Chance Gun Violence in Chicago Driving Under the Influence in Illinois: Questions and Consequences Understanding Property Crimes in Illinois Drunk Driving Prevention: DUI Roadblocks in Illinois It’s Just a Speeding Ticket...Right? Making Sense of Murder Versus Manslaughter in Illinois Above the Law: White Collar Crime Keep Your Hands to Yourself: Assault and Battery In Illinois Illinois Anti-Stalking Law So Your License Got Suspended -- Now What? Periodic Imprisonment in Illinois: White Collar Crime Punishment Illinois’s New “Sign and Drive” Law:” What it Means for Your License FBI Discusses Law Enforcement Priorities in Illinois Class X Felonies: What Do They Mean for You? Quick Facts on Illinois Bicycle Law Understanding Domestic Violence Law in Illinois Huffing Law In Illinois Illinois Concealed Carry Law Faces Public Scrutiny Illinois Ban the Box Legislation to Open Employment Avenues for Former Offenders How Does The Bail Process Work in Illinois? Measuring Drugged Driving in Illinois Naperville, Cook and DuPage Counties Top Lists in Illinois DUI Arrests Confessions and Accused Rights in Illinois Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time: Is it a Crime in Illinois? Illinois Entrapment Defense: When Police Provoke You to Commit a Crime Drivers' Rights and the DUI Stop How to Pick an Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney Expunging a Juvenile Criminal Record in Illinois Illinois Bans Traffic Ticket Quotas Sharing the Road with Traffic Cameras? Know Your Rights Expungement and Sealing: When a Criminal Charge Does Not Have to Be Permanent Illinois State Senate Approves Bill to Expand Participation of Non-English Speaking Jurors Registration Requirements for Illinois Sex Offenders Can an Illinois Drug Conviction Really Terminate Your Student Financial Aid Eligibility? When Traffic Violations Start to Cost You More than Just Money Avoiding Modern Day Debtors Prison in Illinois The Benefits of Drug Court in Illinois Legal Consequences for Allowing Underage Drinking at Your Party Warm Weather May Bring an Increase of Violent Crime to Illinois The Ins and Outs of Anti-Shoplifting Law in Illinois The Risks of Trying to Represent Yourself in a Criminal Case Date Rape Charges in Illinois Hello world! Cell Phone Search Issue Before the Supreme Court Common Defense Strategies in Illinois Criminal Cases 2014 Cinco de Mayo Safety: Avoid a DUI Know the Law: What Is Considered Domestic Violence in Illinois? Warrantless Searches of a Home in the State of Illinois The New Illinois Concealed Carry Gun Laws Credit Card Fraud in Illinois Drug Possession Laws and Consequences in Illinois Sealing and Expunging Misdemeanors in Illinois Illinois’ Felony Murder Rule Driving Under the Influence in Illinois Understanding Misdemeanor Classifications Juveniles and the Law Three Things to Avoid During Arrest FEDERAL EFFORTS BEGIN TO CHANGE MANDATORY DRUG SENTENCING REESE WITHERSPOON ARREST…AVOID HER SAME MISTAKE! HIGH COURT SAYS NO BLOOD TEST WITHOUT A WARRANT FOR DUI Telemarketing Fraud - a White-Collar Crime Illinois commission advises to treat all 17 year-olds as juveniles Three charged with drug-induced homicide in Madison County Valentine’s Day Argument Leads to Woman Biting off Part of Boyfriend’s Tongue Man Faces DUI Charges for Killing a Pedestrian | Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Wife Charged with First-Degree Murder for Stabbing Husband Bad Cops lead to Dropped Charges Chicago Cubs Player Proclaims Innocence in Kidnapping and Abuse Charges Criminal Mistake in Cook County Releases Convicted Killer Gun Issue Arises In 5 Year Old Boy Abduction and Hostage New Law Makes Driver’s Licenses Available to Illegal Immigrants Loyola Freshman Charged with Sex Crimes Two charged for the shooting of teen Elgin woman gets 20 years for her role in murder Former School Counselor Pleads Guilty to Criminal Sexual Abuse of a Student Trio of Schaumburg Police Officers Accused of Running Drug Ring Man Pleads Guilty in 2011 DUI Pursuit New Law Allows Illegal Immigrants to Obtain Driver’s Licenses Stepson of White Sox VP Accused of Attacking Girlfriend Crime Reporting goes High Tech Crime Reporting goes High Tech Bartlett Man Pleads Guilty to Firearms Charge Chicago Deputy Fire Chief Arrested on with Multiple Charges New Law Provides Stiff Penalties for Parents Who Allow Underage Drinking South Side Rapper Cleared of Latest Juvenile Probation Violation Allegations Jail Time for Feeding Pigeons? South Side Police Shooting leads to Riot 4 year old Witnesses Mother’s Murder For the State of Illinois, Sometimes Crime Does Pay Maywood Police Officer Charged with Sexual Assault Senator facing felony charges Former NIU Police Officer’s Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed Man facing murder charges for strangling his grandmother U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Review Illinois Ban on Recording Police Officers Bank Robbery Suspect Strapped to Chair in Court Police Officer Foil Grinchs’ Attempts at Stealing Christmas Packages Chicago Parolee Charged With Attempted First-Degree Murder of a Police Officer Additional charges for alleged murderer awaiting trial Man Arrested After Attempting To Run Over Police Officer Illinois man charged for killing wife and kids Women Charged with Filing Multiple Workers’ Comp Claims Kane County Judge Allows The Use Of Cadaver Dogs As Evidence Man Found in Dumpster First Strangled, Then Burned Judge in Court on Battery Charges Homicide Rate up in Chicago Criminal Evidence Need Not Match Confession According to Illinois Supreme Court Two Chicago Men Charged with Wire and Mail Fraud in Retirement Scheme Four Involved in Drug Trafficking in DuPage County Oak Park Man Charged With Child Pornography Four Involved in Drug Trafficking in DuPage County Man Killed Over Bicycle Elderly Man Found Guilty for Hiring Hitman to Kill Estate Executor Knifeman and Girlfriend Lose Control in Naperville Nightclub Cameras and Other Recording Devices Soon Allowed in DuPage County Courtrooms Elderly Woman Charged in Hit and Run Death of Six Year Old Boy Another Reason to be Afraid of the Dentist Nurse’s Assistant Accused of Helping Herself to the Family Jewels Two Wounded in South Side Shooting Illinois Man Charged with Criminal Sex Abuse in Alleged Kidnapping of Minor Attack on Elgin Teacher Helps Create New Law Illinois Man Charged in Murder of Woman and Her Unborn Child Formal Charges Filed in Illinois Double Murder of Couple No More No-Cash Bonds For Chicago Misdemeanors Illinois Man Facing Charges of Attempted Aggravated Kidnapping of Texas Minor Illinois State’s Attorney Take Stance on Gun Laws While Others Follow Prosecutors File Motion to Bar Crime Scene Technician from Vaughn Murder Trial Witnesses Say Everything Seemed Normal Prior To Murder Of Family Illinois Man Calls Police Saying He Killed His Girlfriend Child Killed, Man Charged With Reckless Homicide Defendant’s Sentence is Reduced Pharmacy Tech Facing Drug Charges Illinois Authorities Initiate Traffic Safety Campaign College Initiation Tradition a Crime Murder Case Of Former Police Officer Continues "Julie's Law" Signed into Effect Woman Charged with Child Endangerment Former Doctor convicted of assaulting patients Red Sox to Cubs – Woman Accused of Stalking Team President Even the Police use Google to find criminals Woman Abducted From Chicago Train 5 Things You Must Know About Illinois DUI Law Before Getting Stopped Former Senator Arrested and Charged with Trespassing Chris Hage Appointed Third Commissioner to the Election Commission of DuPage County Accused Minister Facing New Charges Distinguishing between Aggravated Robbery and Armed Robbery Defining Felonies in Illinois Changing of the Guards Ambiguity During Interrogation New Ruling for Juveniles Punishments for Misdemeanors in Illinois Will I Need a Lawyer if I Don't have Health Insurance? Man Arrested in Ohio Identified as Major Drug Dealer Man charged with pistol- whipping CTA passenger arrested Trial of mother accused of killing her four year old child starts Oak Lawn bank robbed by suspect with long criminal history Police Discover Toddler Holding Loaded Handgun During Routine Traffic Stop Man Accused of Carjacking for Prom Transportation Chicago Man Charged with First Degree Murder in Shooting Death Man Charged with Hit and Run Chasing customers for payment lands alleged drug dealer in the hospital 24 Year Old Charged with Battery Teenager killed, 12 others injured in weekend shootings on Southside Fake Naperville Attorney Convicted Two men shot in apparent gang-related incident in Pilsen. Man Charged With Running Prostitution Ring Held on $1 Million Bond Alleged Drug Dealer Critically Injured in Deal 19-Year-Old Held on $50,000 Bond for DUI Crash Man Already Serving Five Life Sentences Charged with 2005 Double Homicide Bail Denied for Accused Murderer Illinois Police Shut Down Heroin Market Illinois Lawmaker Facing Criminal Charges for Allegedly Accepting a Bribe Many Chicago Crash Reports Contain Errors Illinois City Official Allegedly Misappropriated $30 Million Hearsay Evidence Allowed in High-Profile Illinois Murder Case Could Your Illinois DUI Arrest Be Due to a False Positive Breathalyzer Test? No Criminal Charges Filed in Lake County Jail Death Debate Over Chicago's Gun Ordinances Ignition Interlock Devices for Illinois DUI Offenders Cyberstalking is a Crime in Illinois Chicago Woman Attacks Boyfriend with Shattered Wineglass Chicago Man Sentenced in Drunk Driving Crash Disclaimer Employment Opportunities Kathryn Harry Answers on Avvo Privacy Policy Sitemap Contact Us - Thank You


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